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We have created an algo trading system for you, which can manage all your orders from entry to exit. For todays trades click below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Algo Trading is a form of trading where trades are executed with a pre-determined logic without manual intervention. Buying and selling rules are based on algorithm which has been thoroughly tested in historic and real time data.

In current estimates over 70% of world trades are done with algorithms and this is what differentiates the retail traders from the professionals. Some of the benefits of algotrading are :

  • Algo trading removes the human emotion primarily fear which is a main cause of loss for retail traders. On the contrary system takes a trade on merit and defined rules so there is no biasness or fear.
  • The trades are based on algorithms which are thoroughly tested with historic and real time data for optimal performance.
  • It eliminates over trading i.e. the tendency to make trades for the sake of trading - it is the second major cause of loss for retail traders
  • Most importantly algotrading gives you the freedom to continue with your daily work and the system will take care of everything else related to trading.

Cool Algo Trades team has created an algorithmic trading system which is capable of trading without any manual intervention. The system generates the signal based on real-time tick data and executes the trade in user account and also keep sending live updates.

Sorry but there is no free trial for this product because to activate algo trading api in your account we need to pay a fees for the same.

No software installation is required and also the user need not keep any system running. The system runs in the Amazon cloud and all processing is done at server end.

Following steps are required to configure the system in your account :

  • You must have a Zerodha trading account, if you do not have one then click on this link to create your account.
  • Contact us on WhatsApp or Email us at info@coolalgotrades.com
  • After completing registration share your Zerodha User Id only and we will configure an application for you and send you the login link
  • On all trading days between 8AM to 9AM login mandatorily and thats all !!!

No, we do not want any login passwords except Zerodha user id. The login page which will be provided is by Zerodha itself and there you need to login as one does everyday.

This system is in advance testing so we are currenlty registering limited account and the capital is capped at 50K

Your money is parked with one of the SEBI registered broker and Cool Algo Trades does not take the money from you. Hence it is completely safe.

The trading starts at the begining of a new FnO series. So if you register on 16th of the month and the new FnO series starts on 28th so will be the system for your account. For understanding more on FnO series click here.

The system will be trading Nifty and Bank Nifty options only.

All trades are intraday trades as we do not believe in carrying overnite option positions

We cannot predict on number of trades as it will be dynamic and based on market condition, but on an average the system may take 2-3 trades daily.

This is where we will say the truth which we are certain you have never heard from any other firms. The success ratio of a system does not matter on the net profitability because a system with 80% success rate can still lose money if the rest of the 20% loss exceeds the profit whereas a system with 30% success rate can be still profitable. So to understand a system we should see the profitability over an extended period which in our case stands at an average of 50% quarterly. Having said that please understand that returns from Trading is always Subjected to a DISCLAIMER.

Absolutely the algorithm will make many loosing trades during the period because trading is based on probability and there can be no system which does not loose. So if you are interested in actual trading system and not some advertising gimmicks then you should be ready to take series of loosing trades but still have faith that the system will be profitable in net.

"Al products purchased are subject to Terms & Conditions stated on this website. All Disputes Subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction. "

*Please Note the Subscription Fees, Once paid is Non Refundable. We do not have a money back policy and hence there would be no refunds.

Options are leveraged instruments in itself so we will be infact under leveraged in margin terms i.e. we will be trading with just 40%-50% of your available margin.

Yes the system will provide realtime updates on all the trades.

Yes you can close your trade if you see good positive return but we will suggest you should not interfere much with the process.

Yes the system is very robust and can handle almost every kind of error but occasionaly some errors may need user assistance which we will convey promptly.

We are here to help !

During order placement if you face any technical issue please contact us. We will get it resolved ASAP.


Past performance of advise/strategy/model does not indicate the future performance of any current or future strategy/model or advise by Cool Algo Trades and actual returns may differ significantly from that depicted herein due to various factors including but not limited to impact costs, expense charged, timing of entry/exit, timing of additional flows/redemptions, individual client mandates, specific portfolio construction characteristics etc. There is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of any strategy/model or advice provided by Cool Algo Trades will be achieved. Cool Algo Trades or any of its partner/s or principal officer/employees do not assure/give guarantee for any return on the investment in strategies/models/advise given to the Investor. The value of investment can go up/down depending on factors & forces affecting securities markets. Cool Algo Trades or its associates are not liable or responsible for any loss or shortfall arising from operations and affected by the market condition.