Which plan is best for me ?

We will help you to choose the best plan according to your trading expertise and time availability. Go through the details in this article and if you have any doubt ask us on WhatsApp

We offer three subscription plans but the real question is which is the best one for you. So let’s get down to the details and that will help us to make the best decision.


This the best algorithm in terms of risk and return balance for low capital traders. The strategies we deploy range from option selling, debit/credit spreads and ratio spreads. Mostly the trades are directional hence the risk is higher than Theta but the returns justifies the volatility swings. On a good day we expect to make somewhere between 3-4K on a capital of 50-70K and similarly the losses will be capped under 3K in most scenarios.

This plan comes with complete automation for entry and exit and best suited for office goers or those who have just started with trading. You will be required to login via a link daily between 8AM to 9AM after which the algorithm will trade in your account and you need not have any system running in between. All the trades are done from Amazon cloud based servers so the speed of order execution is extremely fast. Also we have a feature where you can logout from the system if you are content with the returns and want no more trades to be done in your account on that day.


These are dream trades for every option traders who has less capital and want to make it big in the market. Most of the times these new traders account are blown up before they understand how the market works. Now that’s where our system comes to play as we have made this dream a reality because our algorithms can track factors, which you can’t do manually.

We track the rate of change of Open Interest, volume spikes per seconds, price actions, support resistance and option series correlation and many more factors per second of trade. Our algorithms are already trained for such data and they come up with trades which we generally term as jackpot trades as the returns are mind numbing ranging between 50-100% per trade. But as with all strategies with high return the risk is also very high in these trades and so we keep the amount per trade limited to 5-10K.

In this plan the orders are placed manually and users need to be aware of the messages to execute them. This can also be automated and customized for an additional cost.


This algorithm is for the safe players who has seen the volatility and are not in the mood for wild swings and rather be content with small gains. The strategy we play here are mostly intraday Short Strangle and Ratio Calls/Puts. The risk is very low and gain is limited but the real benefit comes from compounding and loosing very less in the process.

This will be suitable if you are having a large corpus and your expectation is to beat the best of the mutual fund returns. In our back test and live testing, we found the returns to be in the range of 30-50% annually, which in our opinion is awesome, but then it may not be suitable for players with low capital.

In this plan the orders are placed manually and users need to be aware of the messages to execute them. This can also be automated if you have large capital to justify the additional cost.


Now you know the details of each plan and their pros and cons so you can choose the plan that suits you the best. As per our analysis we always recommend our users to opt for Alpha as it has the best of risk vs return balance and more importantly it’s truly automated from end-to-end. Also with Alpha you get the other orders access too and are free to place them as per your risk appetite. So we hope your confusion is now addressed but if you still have any more questions then feel free to contact us on WhatsApp.

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